Customizing of 3D Paper Models

José Ribelles and Ángeles López

Institute of New Imaging Technologies, Universitat Jaume I

We have developed a tool for creating custom 3D paper models using OpenGL. Using this software, you can choose among several models of different complexity and finishing options. Right now, the application consist of three objetcs: cone, sphere and skittle. For each one, you can select a different size or number of faces. Moreover, you can choose among several options to custom your paper model: surface color, edge color and thickness, and images used as stickers. The friendly interface is very easy to use, you will get your own custom 3D paper model with few clicks.

Using the mouse for rotating and scaling the object:
  • Click and drag the 3D object to rotate it.
  • CTRL key + click and drag up and down the 3D object to change the size.
Using images as stickers:
  • Initially, the image always cover the whole surface of the object.
  • Use horizonal and vertical spinners to specify the number of times the image appears on the object's surface.
  • Use the slide bars to change the portion of the object's surface covered by image.
  • Use the rollers to move the image.
The Download button:
  • Data will be send to a Server when you press the Download button. Then, the Server will process your request and it will create a PDF file. Finally, the PDF file will be downloaded in your computer. This task can be slow. Please be patient.

Download the binary that matches your system:

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. Please, send an e-mail to: ribelles AT